Mobile Traffic Monetization – Right Solution for Managing the Growing Mobile Traffic

Global business Enhancements / operations in virtually every area have lead to remarkable growth in mobile traffic all around the world. Cisco has recently published a Mobile data traffic prediction report which covers the analysis for 2010, 2011 and reveals the fore castes expansion till 2015, which clearly states how mobile data traffic has increased remarkably during the past 1.5 years and is expected to show exponential growth in the upcoming years. Some of the dominant tendencies covered by this report include the following:

mobile traffic monetization

  • Mobile networks reveal connection of more than 3 million tablets during last 14 months, generating over double the traffic in comparison with a typical Smart phone.
  • Extensive use of video and multimedia documents for education, entertainment and training will result in two third of the world mobile data traffic be movies by 2015.
  • By 2014, Mobile-Internet use will probably restrict or remove the Desktop use.

Listed above are only Some of the significant trends observed by market researchers. However, the important point for consideration is how the Mobile Network Operators (MN O) will satisfy the rising demands of the clients. Managed networks have been shown to be the best solution for MN O’s to have the ability to take care of and meet the anticipated targets of mobile data communication. By outsourcing providers such as bandwidth consumption, storage and capacity management to managed network services suppliers; MN O can offer the needed expansion to the users worldwide. Although currently quite a great deal of mobile data traffic is handled through fixed networks from the dual-mode characteristic of devices like Wi-Fi but nevertheless the traffic growth on cellular networks is unbelievable.

Increasing mobile traffic monetization is also resulting in the development and launch of new mobile Applications which will also be among the principal reasons for consumers adapting to Mobile technology, since these programs are responsible for facilitating Businesses and our private lives no matter location and devices. Some of The companies supplying software as a service also have started their Transition into the cloud computing by going into the trial periods provided by Various managed network suppliers, and the firms satisfied with these trial Periods are expected to increase the total mobile data traffic by 2014. Another Remarkable industry evolution is these managed cloud or network providers Are currently compliant with standard security regulations such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI DSS, which addresses one of the largest concern of organizations while Adapting to the managed network administration.